R & J Moore Opticians provide Eye Examinations under the NHS and Private Practice.

In keeping with our professional ethos of service and catering to the needs of our patients we tailor our examinations to meet your needs. Obviously our first concern is to the Ocular Health of a patient, but having established the type of correction best suited to you, we then explore with you, any refinements which will best suit you, whatever your occupation or leisure pursuits.

Bifocal, varifocal, whichever lens you require we will have the right solution for you.

From a tough pair of safety specs, or contact  lenses for a young footballer to a specialised pair of multifocals  suitable for playing a musical instrument, or playing sports, we have the answer. We have prescribed and dispensed special glasses for everyone from  tower crane drivers to cathedral organists. Whether it is  a bifocal, or varifocal lens you require we will  have the right solution for you. Discuss your requirements with one of our Optometrists, for example computer users often find that the distance between eye and screen is longer than for readers of a book, the angle at which you hold your head may be different, we will take all of this into consideration  when we provide a solution to give you the clear vision you deserve.

A choice of Practitioners

Just like a  Doctor’s Surgery, you may prefer to consult a particular Optometrist.  Just ask the receptionist when making an appointment and we will make every effort to match you with the Optometrist of your choice.

R & J Moore Opticians, Practicing Optometrist

Martin Baker BSc

Martin graduated in London and qualified as an optometrist in 1998 and has practiced in Kent ever since. Martin fits many of the contact Lenses dispensed by R&J Moore.



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