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Why choose Contact Lenses?

Modern contact lenses are more versatile and easier to use than ever. Perfect for those who prefer not to wear glasses, and particularly useful if you play a lot of sports. Contact lenses  can be worn all the time, or for certain activities or special occasions, and are suitable for all ages. Today’s contact lenses are weather resistant, they are easy to clean and handle and less likely to be damaged or broken than glasses.

The ideal alternative to spectacles.

For many people contact lenses are the ideal alternative to spectacles. There are many benefits of wearing contact lenses instead of spectacles. Benefits such as wider field of vision, driving a motor vehicle without glare from the sun effecting your eyesight and also no condensation build up on your eyewear. As contact lens specialists we’ll give you all the information you need about contact lenses and we’ll also help you to find the type that best suits your lifestyle requirements, from a few hours, to all day wear. Your eyes will be measured to ensure that your new contact lenses fit comfortably and you will be taught how to use and care for your new lenses properly.

Advancements in lens technology.

Participation in sports and physical activities has been made much easier because of advancements in lens technology. This has increased peripheral vision, improved depth perception and enhanced colour and contrast. Many people who have been told in the past that they can’t wear contact lenses may now be able to use them because of revolutionary changes in the way contact lenses are made.

We offer a range of Contact Lenses to fit every eye.

New materials and designs have allowed contact lenses to become much more comfortable in recent years. There is also much greater diversity in contact lens product, meaning there’s something available to fit almost every eye. Our knowledgeable and friendly team here at R&J Moore Opticians will give you helpful tips on getting the most out of your contact lenses. We have a range of rigid gas permeable, multifocal and varifocal lens designs including daily disposables, which makes our choice of contact lenses second to none.


  • Soft lenses:contact lenses R&J Moore OpticiansSoft lenses for dry eyes
  • Hard gas permeable lenses
  • Multifocal soft and hard lenses                        
  • Disposable lenses
  • Coloured lenses
  • Extended wear lenses


All contact lens fitting and aftercare at R&J Moore opticians  is undertaken and supervised by highly qualified optometrists. It’s important that your contact lenses are looked after just as you’d look after your spectacles. They need regular cleaning and instruction for use should be followed carefully. Fees cover all aspects of fitting and ongoing aftercare which includes normal eye examination, and will depend on the type of lenses fitted.

MyDay Disposable Contact Lenses

At R&J Moore we are committed to providing you with the right contact lens for your vision correction needs.  R&J Moore recommend MyDay Disposable Contact Lenses.

MyDay disposable contact lenses from R&J Moore

Experience the Benefits of MyDay for Yourself

To enable you to experience  the benefits of MyDay Disposable Contact Lenses R&J Moore are delighted to offer you a one month free trial. To arrange your one-month free trial simply contact R&J Moore  or call 01843 593027  and simply ask about the MyDay free trial.



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